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I'm from Argentina.


"At age I picked up thing , and I did . From 1 to 5, I think I'm at rating in this instrument. I have stuff (of those)"

age thing did rating stuff
08 keyboard never learned it right 1 my PC keyboard
16 guitar learned for about 4 years 4 2 electric , 2 acoustic
20 bass got in an pop-rock band 3 2
24 singing can sing in tune and such 3 a weak voice
25 songwriting made some cliché songs 2 15
26 drums am starting to learn 1 an old electronic drumkit


Can code, but prefer not to. I like performant software.

Repair PCs for a living right now.


  • Studying physics
  • Switching to listening to only-CreativeCommons material or the like.
  • Prize truth above helping, helping above love, love above humour, humour above everything else.

That's about it.

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