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  • Started to play violin at 7, till 9. Lessons.
  • Then learned the flute from 9 to 13. Played in my school orchestra also.
  • Then I wanted to play guitar so I can do something cool after my surf sessions! I grabed my sister's 20years old guit and started learning.
  • In high school, I met another guitar player, a drummer and a bass player. We founded a band which lasted 3 years. I also started to learn drums at the same time. Really loved that too, but never had a place to practice.
  • Then it was obvious I wanted to be in music. After high school I did a sound engineering school.There it is! Studio work! I loved that. A lot more than live gigs, which I love too.

Never stopped playing music (all kind of instruments), doing mixes for friends or doing technical stuff in shows.


  • Started to make music on an old macintosh at 18.
  • Discovered linux and the open-source realm in 2003, then it could only be that.
  • Started to earn a living doing graphics, php, javascript and css.
  • Linux was not for music at that time for me (yet). Converted fully to open-source in the beginning of 2009, and now wonder what took me so long!


Reading, [playing] music (free music preferably), climbing, hiking, mountaineering, bike riding, kayaking, surfing, skiing, cooking, coding...

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