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Daniel Worth

Host: The Open Source Musician Podcast




My interest in music began in fourth grade at Kullerstrand Elementary School. The music teacher at the time asked for a volunteer to play the snare drum for the school's Christmas choir concert, who was singing "The Little Drummer Boy", and I volunteered. I never felt very popular but the positive attention I got from my class mates changed my life and the way that they looked at me. The music program at the time was offered to fifth and sixth graders. My mother asked me after the concert if I wanted to be in band the next year like my older bother, who played clarinet, and if so what instrument I would want to play. I knew without a doubt I wanted to play the drums. For Christmas my Mom bought me a practice pad a pair of sticks and a drum set book to see if my interest would stick. I loved playing so much that just before I started fifth grade my Dad took me to Rupp's Drums and bought me my first, and so far only, drum set. It was an orange sparkle mid 70's CB-700 set with some cheap hardware and cymbals.


In seventh grade I wanted extremely bad to be in the school's jazz band witch was restricted to the eighth grade class. They all ready had two drummers but no guitar player. My brothers all played guitar and my older brother Dave played guitar in the high school's jazz band. So, I used that as an excuse to join. My parents hired a guitar teacher who came to my house once a week named Donald Dye. I took guitar lessons from Don from seventh grade till I finished high school. Ironically I only played guitar in the high school jazz band for one year.

High School Music Program

In High School it became clear that my true passion was music. I was in marching band(percussion), jazz band(guitar/bass), concert band(percussion), pit orchestra(guitar/mandolin)and men's choir(tenor). I also took a year of music theory. I had a private instructor for drums by the name of Al Knipe who was a great inspiration to me and motivated me to take music more seriously in my life. I was a student of Al's from Eighth grade until I finished high school.

My freshman year the percussion pit won the award for "Best Drum Line" at state and the marching band won state my sophomore year.

After School

I have continued to play in various bands at various times from ska to jazz to christian. I still play guitar, bass and drums regularly and have built my own home studio.


  • Donald Dye (Guitar Teacher)
  • Al Knipe (Drum Teacher)
  • Mrs. Torian (Seventh Grade Music Teacher)
  • Wayne Iiams (High School Music Teacher)
  • Craig Westwood (High School Music Teacher)
  • Gabe Ruschival (Drum Teacher)
  • Kevin Lehman (Percussion Instructor)
  • Steve Ray Vaughn
  • Eric Clapton
  • Billy Gibbons
  • Leadbelly
  • David Gilmour
  • Brian May
  • Lindsey Buckingham
  • Angus Young
  • Lindsey Buckingham
  • James Taylor
  • Neil Pert
  • Buddy Rich
  • Sandy Nelson
  • Peter Erskine
  • Carter Beauford
  • John Bohnam
  • Alex Acuña
  • Dave Weckl
  • Jaco Pastorius
  • Charles Mingus
  • Geddy Lee
  • Victor Wooten


Guitar Gear
  • Hohner ST-59 Professional - Electric Guitar
  • Epiphone DR-200ce - Acoustic Guitar
  • Martin LXME - Acoustic Guitar
  • Peavey Special 130 - Guitar Amplifier
  • Peavey Audition Chorus - Guitar Amplifier
  • Silverface Fender Champ - Guitar Amplifier
  • Custom Built and Heavily modified Ibanez Tube Screamer Clone TS-808
  • Yamaha MagicStomp
  • Pickboy .70mm Ceramic Picks
  • G7th capo
Drum Gear
  • Heavily modified CB-700 drum set with an amalgam of parts from Yamaha, Tama, Sonor and Pearl.
  • Sabian Cymbals
  • Yamaha DT-ExpressII Electronic Drum Set.
  • Ludwig Tamborine
Recording Gear
  • Refurbished HP computer with 2.6ghz AMD Dual Cord 4 gig of ram and two 320g 7200rpm sataII 3g Hard drives
  • Viewsonic 24" wide screen LCD
  • M-Audio Delta 1010lt - Sound Card
  • Hosa 1/4"xRCA 8 channel recording snake.
  • Mackie cl-1604 - Mixer
  • Alesis Nanoverb - Digital Reverb
  • Behringer HA4700 Powerplay Pro - Headphone Amp
  • Yorkville 800w - Power Amp
  • Nady PS-115 PA Speakers x 2
  • Alesis Studio One Mk1 - Reference Studio Monitors
  • Alesis RA-100 Amp
  • Samson Zoom H4 - Portable Field Recorder
  • Shure SM-58 - Dynamic Vocal Mic
  • Shure SM-57 - Dynamic Instrument Mic
  • Audio Technica AT-3035 - Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic
  • AKG D-112 - Large Diaphragm Dynamic Mic
  • Audio Technica P-606 - Dynamic Vocal Mic x 4
  • Nady CM-90 x 2
  • Karma Audio Kmicro - Small Diaphragm Condenser Mic x 2
  • Frontier Tranzport - Wireless DAW Controller.
  • Behringer BCF-2000 Midi Controller
  • Behringer FCB-1010 Midi Foot Controller
Bass Gear
  • Ibanez GSR-205 Bass
  • SWR Workingman's 12 Amp
Other Gear
  • Peterson Virtual Strobe II tuner
  • Boss Dr. Beat D-88 Metronome
  • Rouge Mandolin
  • Concert Bells

Professional Life

Day Job

I am a journeyman pipe-fitter who works out of UA Local #208 in Denver,CO. Currently I do commercial pipe design for a company in northern Colorado.

Web Development

I have done some Django web development. My last project was

Private Lessons

I have been giving private music instruction on and off since high school.

Open Source Projects

Besides hosting OSMP and playing a role in OSM Live I also have two open source projects of my own.

Django Krupa

This is a Django project to create a complete CRM(Content Management System)for musicians to establish themselves on the web.

Guitar Fundamentals

This is a project to release a Creative Commons guitar book that anyone can download and use for free.

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