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I always had an interest in music, and in high school I learned the flute, trombone, and eventually piano, and played in various school and community bands. I also used trackers, primarily OctaMED SoundStudio on my Amiga A3000, to write a few tracks.

When I finished school, left home, and started at university in 1999, I had to leave my instruments behind, and I moved from the Amiga to a Linux PC. I soon bought my first synth, a Yamaha CS2x, and over the years I made several attempts to make music on my computer, but they all ended in frustration, either with the state of Linux audio tools, or if I tried a Windows app, with Windows itself.

It took a decade, but in 2009, Linux reached a point where I felt comfortable using it for music production. The tools have matured significantly, and I was able to get over that initial learning curve. I've been making music under Linux ever since!


  • PC:
    • Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 4GB RAM
    • M-Audio Revolution 7.1 PCI sound card
    • running vanilla Ubuntu 64-bit
  • Synths:
    • Waldorf Blofeld
    • Yamaha CS2x
    • Stylophone
  • Effects:
    • Behringer VM-1 analog delay
  • Audio gear:
    • Behringer 802 mixer
    • Rode NT1A large-diaphragm condenser mic
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