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I have been running linux since 2006. I got a laptop and ran Mepis on it (after distro-hopping for months) for a few years to force myself to learn how to use Linux as a Desktop solution. All the while, I would try every few months (or years) to try and get my audio rig over on Linux. I was running Cubase on Windows XP using a Presonus Firepod and I knew I wanted to move ALL my boxes over to Linux, not just my desktop related tasks. I kept trying and when I found the #opensourcemusicians IRC channel and other helpful IRC channels (#ardour, #jack, #ffado, #ubuntustudio) I knew I had found the resources necessary to make the switch. I hang in #opensourcemusicians often and I try to be as helpful as a newbie can be, however, if you have ANY questions about music theory, chords, melodies, pretty much anything related to music come and ask (not so much about lyrics or music history, but I can find someone to help with those questions).

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