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Got an idea? Jot it down here

A piece in a given time signature

Do You Have The Time?

Create a song in a specified time signature. It could be something relatively simply (such as 3/4, 4/4, etc.) or something unusually and channelging (such as 9/8, 11/16, etc.)

A music piece based on a set group of samples

An unapologetically poppy catchy song

Just a verse and chorus and describe what you think makes it catchy or work... since it can be overwhelming to do a full song. Of course, if you have the time and commitment, nothing is stopping you from making the next big hit ...


write a composition using the 12 tone system...


write a tune using only 2 voices. any 2 sounds/instruments/voices can be used. any length/form.


compose a tune or song to be performed by someone else in the OSM community

Lyrical beginning

Create a song starting with a community created lyrical idea (or random ramblings from the IRC channel), for example:

We need a few lyrical ideas
To get the next tunestorm on track
We had a great time with the first
And nothing will hold us back


Write a song that makes people laugh


Create a piece of music that is cute

a single take song

Record a song in one single take without any post processing or editing. What you play is what you get.

pervasive base track

Create a simplistic and basic base track. Everyone must include it in their song. Frivolity and mirth will ensue!

Or, alternately create several base tracks. Everyone must use at least one in their song.

Typical base tracks might be just a simple drum track. Or even a random noise at odd and weirdly illuminating intervals. Frivolity, mirth, and jocularity guaranteed to ensue!

Genre Bender

Identify a genre everyone needs to write in, but remove one of the defining factors of the genre. For metal music, no guitars. For electronic music, no bass drum, etc. This would also include no-cheating: If there's no guitars, that means no guitar SoundFonts as well. No bass drums, nothing to simulate a bass drum, etc.

The Laryngeal Orchestra

Write a song with only your voice. This could be acapella, your voice emulating different instruments or parts, whatever you want, but your voice is the only thing that should be heard!!

Mary Had A Little Tune

Write a song using the melody of a specified common folk tune (or whatever public domain song). Enjoy listening to the same song a dozen different ways.


An uncompetition that requires some tone to be through the majority of each song. Consider bagpipes or tamburas as examples.

Know Your Tools

Require everyone use some specific tool, perhaps a synth or a reverb or something else. Just a chance to get familiar with what is out there. Also could achieve the goals of patch storm if everyone saves their settings as a preset.

Unplanned Orchestra

Similar to the pervasive base track, start with one base track (perhaps percussion) everyone adds a track without knowing what everyone else is adding. In the end mix them all together. Unfortunately this only results with one tune.

Whats in a Name?

All tunes will have the same title. Something that will spur creativity.

Whats a Meta For?

Songs must have a metaphor perhaps something like Mr. Mastadon Farm by Cake

It Don't Mean a Thing

Make a song that swings (or shuffles)

Thats So Emo

Lets all vent our [insert emotion here] feelings together. Could use happy, sad, angry, etc.

Previously Used Ideas

Commercial Track

write a 30-second piece of music to be played behind a commercial (TV/radio) for a product that can be specified by the composer or not.

Open Source Project Jingle

record a jingle for your favorite floss project to promote it!


This one requires you use an acoustic piano sound. Several very good free piano samples are available.

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