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Household Items - create a composition made up of house hold items used as instruments. It's an experiment in making the unconventional conventional.

Submission deadline

8th of may 12:00 UTC


Q: Households items, but what about my voice?

A: The idea is being inspired to make music by experiencing the world around us. If that experience for you involves voice then by all means do it! However, if you turn in an a' capella track we probably won't play it.

Q: Can the sound of these households items be transformed/processed (until they're unrecognizable for instance)?

A: Yes, you can use any means necessary to make your track as long as the start point is pure.

Q: Can I use samples/sounds I didn't record myself? How do I go if I don't have (a) microphone(s)?

A: Yes of course. We would never want to exclude people who don't have the means to make their own samples. Tunestorm is about inclusion not exclusion.

Q: Can this be a tune/song already written, and performed/recorded with the TS02 rules? or should it be a new composition?

A:This speaks to the spirit of tunestorm. It, by its very nature, is an exercise in composition. You can not record any music that previously existed. Please make it new and fresh.


Some tools that may come in handy:


TBA Tunestorm 02 Reveal Episode:

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