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For this tunestorm, we start with a very simple bass line, just a descending scale. Anything at all can be put with that bass line, tunes, chords, percussion, a lot or a little, any musical style, instrumental or singing, or pots and pans, no rules. Got it? Good.

The bass line can be in any key, any time signature and tempo, but it consists of the notes of a major scale, starting at the upper tonic (key note) and going down slowly one step at a time until it reaches the lower tonic. Each note takes up one full bar.

You can vary it a bit. For example, in the bar where the note is D, you can hold D for the full bar, or you can play five Ds in a cool rhythm, you can use D from any octave in the bass range or jump between different octave Ds. But you'll probably want to spend most of your creativity on the other parts, the stuff that goes with this bass. If you find you have to slightly lengthen or shorten the bass to fit a phrase or turnaround, sure, go do it.

Submission deadline

Midday GMT on 6 Feb 2010.


Q: You said I could shorten the bass line slightly if I needed to fit a turnaround or something. How about if I need to lengthen it? Can I hold the last note on longer?

A: Of course!

Q: Can I repeat the bass line, to make my song longer?

A: As many times as you like. You can even change it a little on each repeat (add rhythms or whatever) or, gee I dunno, double or halve the note lengths sometimes. Make a whole symphony out of it if you want to. So long as you can get it in before the deadline.

Q: I don't work with melodies and chords. I make beautiful sounds. Can I participate?

A: Yes! Please do! We still need to hear that bass line in there, but we'd love to hear what you have in mind to go with it!


Tunestorm01 reveal show notes: Episode33

Tunestorm01 reveal episode direct download:

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