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About Tunestorm

Tunestorming is an uncompetition. Each participant creates their own music to the same broad guidelines, until the grand submission date when we each show and tell what we did.

Keep your work a secret, so that everyone has a clear head to come up with their own ideas. We expect to have some radically different approaches, different styles of music, different types of instruments, and of course different ways of getting it onto a computer and into a file format for submission. At every stage of the project you are free to use any software, hardware or body parts. At the end, all participants' work will be revealed and we can discover how differently (or similarly?) we have each approached the task.


Please submit your finished work, in any audio file format that we can access with open source tools to <contributions AT>. If the filesize of your entry is too large for email (>10mb), simply include a link in your email to a location we can access your file from. Along with your entry, include details of your thoughts, process and tools used to create your work.

Current Tunestorm (17) The Open Amplifier Challenge!

Due Date: 13 February 2017 

We challenge you to write an original song exhibiting the capabilities of the open source amp sim software out there (guitarix, CAPS plugins, rakarrack, many others). If you don't play guitar and don't want to use guitar samples, I'll happily accept synths run through guitarix or similar. But largely I'd like to hear what great guitar (or synth) tones can be made with pure open source software.

We like if you keep your tune a surprise until after the reveal show. Please send your submisiong to contributions <at> opensourcemusician <dot> com (flac preferred).

Future Tunestorms

Got an idea for a tunestorm? Discuss here.

Previous Tunestorms

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