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Episode Topic Ideas or Segments:

  • How I record music eg. gear, software, method
  • Knights of the Midi Table (ClaudioM and Lashmoove?)
  • Mixing with Ricardus
  • DJing and Remixing with Lashmoove
  • A community track
  1. All tracks contibuted by different members of the community.
  2. Some discussing on this happened (7/23/09) -
  3. Q's that came up were:
    1. How to share the files (Ubuntu One or Dropbox my pref is Ubuntu One).
    2. 2. What kind of work flow? What do we start with? Ex. Start with a looped beat or real drum beat, then everyone pulls down that and adds what they do,
    3. exports an mp3 or ogg of what they did cumulative. Here is another Q - do they post all there wavs or only those requested of them.
    4. sim_ is willing to submit drum loops of various speeds,
    5. Those so far interested in participating: sim_, ClaudioM
    6. Should it be a diplomatic voting process or should everyone have the same access to the wavs and build there own tracks - the latter
    7. could yield more interesting results and hurt less ego's.
    8. This also brings up an interesting question on other ways we can foster collaborations amongst our listeners and us in general.
  • Advanced Drum programming in Hydrogen (1. For simulating a 'real drummer') (2. Electronic music drum programming)
  • Basic Music Theory (broken up in many installments)
  • Convolution - how to capture and use IR's
  • Arpegiators - QmidiArp
  • Mixing Tips

Songwriting Ideas 1

  • How to write a song
  • Effects what they do and what some use cases are and what effects can be combined (go together well)
  • Capturing samples and using them in a musical piece.
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