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Songwriting Ideas 1

  • carry a recorder - if you have a phone use an app like rehearsal assistant, if you have a mp3 player like the sansa clip carry it always
  • carry a notebook or a laptop with a shared folder among multiple computers so you can edit from wherever or ssh access to that box.
  • 14:14 < PipeManMusic> _guitarman_: I always like to write down the inspiration for the song.
  • PipeManMusic> _guitarman_: Sometimes it isn't the lyric that I liked but a rhythem in another song ect.
  • PipeManMusic> _guitarman_: Also some times it's good to take on lyric that had a specific idea in mind and expand it to a more general idea so you have more lyrical options.
  • When something funny happens or something that strikes your interest, write it down or dictate it.
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