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About Patchstorm

Patchstorm is a collective patch-making recurring event. Goal is to create patches for softsynths or samplers, on a certain theme/restrictions. At the submission date, the patches would be made public from this wiki page for anyone to use.

Patchstorm is similar to Tunestorm, but unlike it, there are no restrictions on sharing of in-progress work and you are welcome to submit a patch even long after the deadline.


Patches are to be used on free open source software, running at least on GNU/Linux, for example Yoshimi/ZynAddSubFx, Petri-Foo/Specimen...

The submission must be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, equivalent or less restrictive, of course the work must respect the licenses of resources it is based on.


Finished submissions are to be sent to <contributions AT>, please use "Patchstorm" in subject of the email.

Submit as many patches as you want, each in archive file (zip or tar.gz), containing the patch files, installation and license information. Plus points for a demo sound file (ogg, mp3, flac or wav), even better if with source file (midi/whatever) :)

Current Patchstorm

Due to no interest halted. If you want to participate contact at bottom of the page.

Patchstorm 01

Theme was nice fat yet ripping distorted sound (If working with sampler, make it loopable - not fixed length).

3 Yoshimi softsynth patches and 1 for Whysynth by Anchakor:

Learning and previous parts


Anchakor in room #opensourcemusicians on IRC, freenode network.

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