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As we stated before, OzoneFarm consists of an agency of inigmatons -

  • Humans doing repetitive tasks in zombie-like fashion
  • Scripts and bots performing human-like maneuvers

The agents can be thought of as sequencers and drum machines programmed by the Human eCommunity. Another name for the agency:


SkyTractor and the OzoneFarmers

The agency (band) uses First-order logic to keep the context (data) and content (music) intact throughout development, production and performance. Meet the players:


The donkey module takes care of security through POE's Socket Factory. Each agent, either Human or machine has a channel or set of channels through which to perform his, her or its tasks. The donkey makes sure that behavior within these channels is consistent with the assigned roles.


The tractor module is a reference engine that identifies context chains and checks the referential integrity of the content. It works through a normalization process for the session heaps which are actually tiny databases for each agent that get spliced into the collective data of the whole agency.

The tractor module has different modes:

  • sub
  • super
  • at
  • con
  • pro
  • re
  • ...

Notice these modes (models) each extend and define the predication of the root -tractor in a precise logical way.


The mule is an interprocess communication module that interprets actions through a set of signals. I'm not sure how it works yet.

The Humanity

  • yeoman - Manager and resident musical moron/genius
  • minuteman - Implementer and server administrator
  • tav - Ampify developer and Python Guru
  • ...
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