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Welcome to the OSM Linux Audio Distro Shootout page. (a.k.a "The awesome lads")

There are many Linux Distro's relating to Audio/Visual, but how well do they tackle the issue of a full out of the box hit the ground running multimedia production suite...



We aim for simple installation, configuration, and use. And for lowest latency with and without some apps working (we still lack the protocol to measure).

We have:

  • Pita factor a.k.a. Pain In The Ass factor: The measure of clicks plus times striked the enter key to get from A to B. Example: from 0 to installed, 64studio has a Pita of 35.


  • Ease of use

Measured by the Pita from logged in for the first time to get Ardour working.

  • Ease of installation

Measured by the Pita from uninstalled to installed and logged for the first time. (The installation should be the most standard one)

  • Lowest latency

Lowest latency possible on JACK without XRUNS, running just qjackctl.

  • Lowest live latency

Lowest possible latency while applying some live effect to the input. (The criteria has not yet been established) Noises and clicks should be annotated too

- Preinstalled software

We should make a list of must-have software here:

-Ardour (Recording)

-Hydrogen (Drum Machine)

-Zynaddsubfx (Soft synth)

-Nekobee (TB303 clone)

-Linuxsampler (Sampler)

-Fmit (Tuner)

-Gtick (Tap tempo)


We should put down here the PCs we offer for testing. They should be as diverse as possible, if possible, music-oriented hardware.

  • A ( Trece8 has it)  : CPU 64bits Pentium D (2 x 2.8 GHz), 4Gb RAM 667 MHz, M-Audio Audiophile 2496, SATA II drives, onboard VGA card (VIA).
  • B ( Guitarman has it) : CPU 64Bit Pentium D (2 x 2.8 Ghz), 1GB RAM 533Mhz, Behringer UCA-202 (USB Audio Interface) Sata II drive, onboard Intel Video.
  • C ( Trece8 has it)  : CPU 32bits old one.


- Ubuntustudio

- 64studio

- AVLinux

- Fedora 10 w/ ccrma


- limits.conf and putting yourself in the audio group

- The almighty RT kernels


This table is stolen from here in hopes of converting it to a table that is useful to us.

Distribution Test version Base distribution Test version build date
64 Studio 3beta3 Debian 2008-06-09
CrunchBang + patches 9.04 Ubuntu 2009-01-19
Fedora 10 + Planet CCRMA Red Hat 2009-06-09
dyne:bolic none 2007-09-22
Musix Knoppix, Kanotix, Debian 2007-03-05
Ubuntu Studio Debian 2008-11-30
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