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The OSM Podcast



The show is hosted by Daniel Worth and Steve Baer and is recorded live every two weeks. A calander of the recording schedule is available at The podcast covers the use of free libre and open source software for musicians. The show covers topics like sofware, gear, audio releases and recording. There has also been a few interviews with people from the Linux audio community, notably the lead developer for the Ardour Project Paul Davis [1]. There has also been a number of listener submitted segment on the show.

Contact Info

Email: osmp at
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Daniel Worth:
Steve Baer:


The Open Source Musician Podcast was started in march of 2008 by Daniel Worth in response to wanting a podcast similar to "Inside Home Recording" but using free and open source tools.
Originally, it was conceived to be a one man show. However, the first attempt felt awkward so a co-host was sought out and found in the form of Nick Willbanks. Daniel met Nick at a CLUE(Colorado Linux Users Group) meeting where Nick helped Daniel get Ardour running with some tips on compiling and configuring jack. Nick left the show after 16 episode after joining the United States Marines [2]
Steve Baer, a listener of the show and frequent Linux podcast theme contributor, asked to start an IRC channel for the show after frequent music related discussions in the IRC channel. After struggling to figure out the new direction of the show Daniel asked Steve to be interviewed [3] for the show so he could put something out while he figured out a new format. After a listener suggested it, Daniel asked Steve to co-host the show with him.


Looking for an easy way to contribute to the show? Become an OSM researcher!


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