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Alessandro Cominu (aka Comix) - Maintainer/Main Coder of Hydrogen Drum Machine.

Contacted via Email by Steve

Jono Bacon:

Not yet contacted.

Remmington Forbes:

Contacted by Steve - just a matter of organizing a time and he seemed to want to know what we wanted to talk about with him - which I told him - what apps he uses, how he started rapping etc.

Idea for a series of interviews:

Making a living in music: I have a guitar teacher friend who makes a living just on music teaching, also have Les Finnigan that I know that does Solo Acoustic Guitar for a living that might be good to talk to. etc. I think this would be inspirational for peeps to know that it is possible to make a living in music in certain niches.

IRC group community chat:

It might be interesting to have a voice chat one evening, record it, and if something interesting comes up in the discussion (a serious topic, or a particularly funny discussion), use that as a segment. A sort of round table-type of thing.
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