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These are all ideas of programs, which are better explained and sketched inside each program's page



A program for calibrating your electric guitar.


A program to make your drumming in beds, or other stuff, trigger MIDI as a humble midi drumkit


A DIT cabinet-emulator pack. It has two parts: A cabinet measurer (models the cabinet, mic and all), and a plugin that applies that model to audio.


A metronome that adapts to audio triggers. The purpose is making your synths/samples/etc in your PC synchronize with your drummer, instead of making the drummer slave to the PC metronome. (Research needed)


A program to research the lowest latency your computer can handle in standard audio use (without pops nor XRUNs), and auto-configure JACK with that.


This one needs hardware By having force-measuring sensors in a couple of drum sticks, and a webcam, we implement a MIDI instrument with that. Meaning: a drum MIDI instrument that only needs two sticks. The stopping of the sticks mark the hit of the drum, the speed of the hit marks its velocity.

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