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Software you will need to have installed

  • jack
  • qjackctl
  • ardour
  • icecast
  • darkice
  • mumble

The tools listed above are not uncommon among Linux podcasters, what is less common is having two podcasters from different locations on a voip call tracking their local audio in a track in their DAW and tracking the person on the other end of the voip call into a separate track. This is a 1 computer setup for each host.

The more common way to approach this under Linux is for remote co-hosts to talk on voip on one pc with a headset and get good local audio captured on another computer.

A third approach is for all voip cohosts to call into an asterisk server and export the conference room dialog to an audio file.

OSM uses the first method.

As mentioned, you need to install the packages and their dependencies above.

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