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Open Source Musician Podcast Episode #54 - Virtual Roundtable.

Submitted conversation pieces:

guitarman: holstein.bandcamp.com - pimp it out.

guitarman: awesome recording engineer fund - update.

lsd: discuss stuff i used on my new track: pianoteq, linuxsampler, ardour 3, IR, zita-at1


using a laptop as a 2nd monitor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOzRCBGDVaE

guitarman: using boss br864 digital 8 track - can confirm the software for windows to transfer wav files to and from the device to the pc works under Wine.

PipeManMusic: Talking about using creative commons orchestra samples with seq24 and linuxsampler.

ubuntu studio 11.04 is out! anyone try it have feedback etc, what do you think is on the horizon.

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