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Tunestorm04 Reveal

Tunestorm04 guidelines: http://opensourcemusician.com/index.php/Tunestorm04

In order of submission date, the participants and their results are below, with the original sample that started it all.

Provided sample - http://db.tt/nMBjufE

Mike Holstein - TS04 http://soundcloud.com/mike-holstein/ts04/download

pneuman - pulse http://soundcloud.com/pneuman/pulse/download pneuman's comment: Track recorded quickly for the Open Source Musicians Tunestorm04 challenge. The only sound in here is the original sample; I chopped and looped it in Specimen, ran it through some distortion effects, and then in to PHASEX for filtering (controlled by a Korg nanoKONTROL) and then through some more effects (chorus/delay). Recorded and mixed in Ardour.

Stuzz - Ass In, Ass Out http://soundcloud.com/stuzz/ass-in-ass-out/download Stuzz's comment: For Tunestorm 04. The sample was shoved into specimen and then looped over a small portion to create the monotonous drone. The rest is bits and pieces thrown together to make the monotonous slightly less so. Recorded with Ardour3.

falkTX - Claudia http://soundcloud.com/falktx/claudia-3/download falkTX's comment: The sample is used for the kick and bass. Piano sound generated by linuxsampler (maestro_concert_grand_v2.gig), using non-sequencer for the notes. Beat done in Renoise, with using some basic ladspa effects.

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