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OSMP Episode #26



Software Releases:

Ardour 2.8.4 - yeah ! for reals - another Ardour release. Last one before the 3.0 version.


Ardour alpha experience?

Audio Releases:

provides this link to his truly epic ninjam - see if you can listen to the whole thing - I dare you!
  • http://autosong.ninjam.com/mp3.php/20091109_0342_0000-khz-outmuzzik.mp3 <-- test my hardware /~madman~planless
  • "strike another chaos organism 4 independent_existence :: harry krischnarr & the magic band grow to madness ;) i play it, sure - but i put/route it to so many HW ~synths with ext. in/out (am/fm/...) and filter bank that i cant control it \o/"-HerrZen
HerrZen also provides a cool link on electronifying a didgeridoo - listen - its super cool! http://hackaday.com/2009/11/06/didgeridoo-modded-to-include-electronic-manipulation/#more-18184


Excellent Linux and Music related collaborative website in french by irc user olinuxx
Link on Leveling:
He is also working on enabling us to share hydrogen drumkits - this link combined with some php he is working on:



Rants/Calling BS:

Steve calls out to the community - Send in a 20 second OGG recording of you calling bullshit on something - I will post them to archive.org and lets make a song out of them!

Tech Segment:

IRC User [lsd] gets his "How I Record" ON.
Steve also gets down and dirty in "How I Record"

Listener Feedback:

Shout out to Neil Wallance of OpenMolar (rowinggolfer in IRC) for the Newton Faulkner CD

Contact Info: E-Mails: osmp@pipemanmusic.com Twitter and Identi.ca: http://twitter.com/pipemanmusic http://identi.ca/pipemanmusic http://identi.ca/guitarman Blogs: http://pipemanmusic.blogspot.com http://www.deadbeatguitarist.com/cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi/index.rss

Voicemail: http://opensourcemusician.libsyn.com Forums: http://www.linuxmusicians.com/viewforum.php?f=41 IRC: irc.freenode.net/#opensourcemusicians

Podcast Out!

Song: IRC User LSD shares his song entitled "Clipper" http://blag.linuxgamers.net/?p=326

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