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Title: How I record and Callin' B.S. Intro:


Software Releases:

Ardour 2.8.3
  • Ardour can now open un-writable sessions without complaining. This includes sessions on read-only media and those for which write access is not :granted to the user.
  • support FLAC & Ogg/Vorbis import and export (via system libsndfile)
  • provide jdelay-based hardware/port insert latency measurement (note: this is not automatic, but is initiated by the user in the insert GUI)
  • Enable very basic plugin boolean automation via Write and Read. no Touch. graphical editing is not allowed. a little crude but better than none at all
  • OSC API now supports add locate command (/ardour/locate i= i=)

Audio Releases:


From the IRC
flower: sent in these links for using Netjack, a link to a notation editor, transcibe tool and ear training :
holstein - sent in this link for a ladspa pitch correction plugin called autotalent
danni- sent in this link to an application that produces soundscapes:


Middle of the road Live rig.
  • Laptop:Firewire enabled laptop (Potential for problems with IRQ sharing)
  • Interface:Presonus Firepod (FP-10)- Link
  • Software:Ardour, Darksnow/Darkice, Icecast.
  • KNOWN ISSUES: in ubuntu based distros downgrade to the libfreebob0_1.0.7-1 package link2bug
  • works out of the box with 64studio (after applying updates to beta 3.0)
  • ALSO seems to work well with FFADO (which is basically freebob2.0)


Guitar Fundamentals released as a CC project - http://github.com/PipeManMusic/Guitar-Fundamentals

Rants/Calling BS:

  • Lack of Jack support on linux softphones
  • Not enough wiki editing going on.

Tech Segment:

How I record - Daniel Worth

Listener Feedback:

Hey Dan and crew,
Just recently discovered this podcast and listened through episode 20 so far. This is a great resource! I'm comlpetely new to the world of linux and digital audio in general, been plugging along about a year and steadily learning as I go (lots of trial and error). I'm still struggling to get everything running smoothly but this podcast is a huge encouragement. It's just good to here people discussing this stuff. I appreciate the mix of linux-centric info and general recording techniques. Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you guys put in!

Podcast Out!

Song: IRC Listener Seegwen from France - http://www.lsxdesign.net/Tracks/Biken_mix-1.ogg

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