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This is a term definition page from The OpenSourceMusician Wiki.

Its purpose is to share common terms and their definitions, extensions and expansions as they grow as conceptual context upon which bands can form, associations can develop, relationships can be built and dreams can be shared. Abuse of this term is discouraged.

To define the term is where it starts. An acceptable generalization begins the process.

The contributor creates a term with a link usually in the main namespace adding the {{term}} template and Category:Term.

Since this is the OpenSourceMusician Wiki, terms that are musical are the most weighty ones because they are the most on-topic ones. Other terms may be general, technical, social, slang, or whatever. Commonality is what brings a term into the term catalog.

We can also extend a definition to include broader usage and expand it to include a wider context. This is all created based from the OmegaWiki project, which was started to make up for the problems at Wikitionary. This particular build is custom-fitted for use by a community of musicians and producers of content and the technical people that support them. Growing the category here at the OSM Wiki is supposed to be fun - not a chore like it is at Wikitionary and OmegaWiki.

The term project is presented by OzoneFarm and a bunch of other folk.

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