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There are many situations in which music can be released, in different states of advancement. Be it for sharing with friends or releasing demos, not everyone has the same starting point. The point of this article is illustrating the proper way to release music or distribute it in Creative Commons.

The Creative Commons License

The Creative Commons License is a License created for making the distribution of creative works easily. It has a number of variants that can be applied to the License, which are:

by, or attribution, which means the media can be shared as long as your name is on.
sa, or share alike, means the media can be modified as long as it is shared alike.
nc, or non-commercial, means the media can be used and shared, as long as it is not for commercial uses.
nd, or non-derivative, means the work can't be modified in any way. The default for the license is allowing modifications.

Incomplete Works

Incomplete works come in many ways: complete lyrics with incomplete music (in any format), incomplete lyrics with incomplete music, or everything being incomplete.

Usually, these works are not in a single file. The proper way to share, distribute or make available these works is archiving them in any of a number of archiving or compression formats, along with the License file.

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