Beginning Audio Series for HPR and OSMP Release

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ken_fallon and integroll from #oggcastplanet suggested that a lot of OSM content was over the heads of people and there would be value in doing a beginning audio series - a series less focused on how to do X in a program and more to do with the basics of audio and audio recording. This is the planning area for the proposed series.


Ep01 What is sound?:

  • A sine wave
  • Analog to digital conversion
    • Chopping it up. (Bit rate)
    • How big is each slice. (Bit depth)
    • What is a WAV and what is a broadcast WAV.
    • What is a codec
    • Lossless audio codecs
    • Lossy audio codecs

Ep02 How do you capture sound?

  • What does a microphone pre-amplifier do?
  • What types of capture devices you can use?
    • USB
      • v1.0 vs. v2.0
    • PCI
    • FireWire

Ep03 What can we do with captured sound?

Ep04 How do people get my show?

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